Creating Sustainable Change

Working from within the community is a priority for Purpose Projects in our effort to do valuable work for the Kkoba community. Counter intuitively, success for us means to be increasingly un-needed, working relentlessly to pass on leadership to those that we aim to empower. Creating sustainable change begins with understanding that our purpose is to empower not overpower. A community that relies on us is one that we are failing and that will ultimately suffer upon our inevitable absence. It is important to us that what we offer can be understood and implemented by all that receive it, knowledge that can be adopted and adapted to a well-established way of life. Our role is not as creators but as enablers for communities that are no strangers to ingenuity and endeavour, it is our understanding that support based on sympathy creates a harmful impression that these communities need a savior when in actuality they are the heroes of the story.

Living up to this rhetoric is central to Purpose Projects credibility as a transparent, sustainable and ethical organisation. It means accepting our limitations as cultural outsiders and investing heavily in those of the local Kkoba community who are willing to put their hand up. This culture of mentorship has brought the likes of Fiace, Charles and Sula to the forefront of Kkoba’s future, with unparalleled understanding of the community and relentless drive to see it prosper. With the support of Purpose Projects and the mentorship of local elders, it is our hope that these boys can inspire the empowerment of Kkoba, leading from the back in order to raise their people up. If their leadership can prevail then hopefully the necessity of Purposes Projects’ presence in Kkoba will lessen, while the incomparable friendship and love for its people will indefinitely remain.

Humility is central to our understanding of sustainable change; understanding that we are merely the catalyst for these incredible potentials and that we will know we have succeeded when we are no longer needed. The soul of Purpose Projects is the family it has created, a family which plants a tree knowing that they may never sit under its shade, because this family is forward focused, it works for those that may one day enjoy some shelter from the sun. Empowerment requires the absence of ego and that is the environment we hope to create, one of collaboration, respect and understanding across cultures. We are excited to invite more members into our family and realise this vision together, continuing to work from within the community in order to work for it.

Covid-19 UPDATE from Purpose Projects

In response to the global pandemic and following the Ugandan government’s mandate, our local partner Hope Line Organisation closed all associated schools.

We have been supporting them with fortnightly food relief. We helped establish a campaign to support the bigger strain Hope Line was facing as lockdown extended in Uganda. If you would like to support this campaign please visit our fundraising page.

To our volunteer community and those interested we have an online report to Covid-19 that you can read here.

All the best during this time, continue to look after one another,
Purpose Projects Team

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